The Style Titles… ft. the Ball-Buster.

31 Jan

For those of you like me, fashion is a big part of our life, integrate that with intelligence, success and fun and you have The Style Titles. The Style Titles was started by a friend of mine at Chapman University who has her own personal blog, Style Per Minute. Nicole had the genius idea to bring those of us with the same passion: fashion, reading, & a drive for success together in this new way of an ebook club. First up for the new site is Kelly Cutrone’s If You Have to Cry, Go Outside. Kelly of People’s Revolution, one of the most successful fashion PR firms, is a hard-pressed, take-no-prisoners kind of woman, and her book hopefully will shed light onto how she became the woman she is today. The title itself just makes me want to pick up this book. I may seem cute-sy and naive by first look, but I am a firm believer that the workplace is for work, if you can’t handle it, be a kindergarten teacher. Now that might seem harsh, but given the topic of this post, I think it’s fine. (For reference, I was a leadership major in college, I understand community and compassion, I also understand that at some point in life you have to do the spread-your-wings and fly thing and never cry to your boss, ever.)

Starting February 2nd, you can get Kelly’s new book, or if you’re located in NYC, you can go to her book signing at the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble this Tuesday like I am! She’ll also be in LA on 2/4, etc. Strong women are rare and I really appreciate those women who are an inspiration to the fact that you don’t have to be a doting, bambi-eyed homemaker in order to make it far in your industry or in life. Kelly also has a new show on Bravo premiering tomorrow, Kell on Earth, that will feature the ball-busting woman in full force.

So join the club, pre-order the book, and get ready for some page turning fun!


… And remember, if you have to cry, go outside. ♥

Photo from JustJared.


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