They’re Back…

25 Jan

After bringing you the first installment of Karlie Kloss for Hermès, they’ve returned with another classic story…

Karlie was the Princess and the Pea first and now we see her within another magical story, this time of Cinderella. Of course, Cinderella is donning sky high heels in what I hope to be the white steps of Greece. At least, that’s where I’m going in my mind considering those blue waters in the distance when all I can see is white outside my rainy NYC apartment window.

I’m glad they didn’t make her blonde because I think the reference is pretty obvious but the rest of the campaign leaves me hanging a little bit. Her legs are absolutely out of control, but we were expecting that. But her hair looks unbrushed and her expression looks forced in a surprised manner, if that makes any sense. To be even pickier, her right hand looks like Barbie’s immobile hand but I guess that’s taking it a little far. Karlie’s gorgeous, the set up is all there, but the end product leaves less to be desired in comparison to the whismical, colorful spring filled first photo with Karlie as the Princess.

I hope there are more to come to make up for this one. And is it just me, but Cinderella slipped easily out of her glass pump, so would anyone really believe that all the strapped in contraptions of these shoes would all come undone? Ok. Now I’m going overboard. But I’m a logical girl, what can I say?

Photo from Fashiongonerogue


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