I’ve Definitely Got the Blues… in a Good Way!

20 Jan

Since Ms. SJP is garnishing so much attention lately due to her new collaboration with Halston I figured I might as well pay homage to the brand and the new lady in charge.

Halston Heritage Stripe Lurex Pleated Cocktail Dress in Electric Blue as seen on Sarah Jessica Parker

She looks FAB. I mean, really, the eye popping blue, à la A.Olsen, complimented by the saccharine sweet pink hobo just puts me in the summer mood already. Of course, rocking the Louboutins (now that Manolo is out) as Carrie Bradshaw, SJP filmed a scene for the highly anticipated SATC 2 movie back in September. This Halston dress is out of control, the slight shimmer livens up the pleating detail and the silhouette is super flattering given swingy skirt which hides any oops-I-ate-too-much chocolate-during-winter hips! I now consider this the ultimate spring into Spring dress! At $425, it’s not on the intern budget, but it really isn’t too crazy of a price and imagine wearing this as those warmer spring days pop up and you want to talk a walk around town in something light and flowy, this is the dress. I’m also loving the electric blue, hot pink combo, kind of sweet, kind of 80’s. I like balancing that fine line.

While we know Carrie is no longer on her sell-the-closet, eat Ramen writer’s budget she was on back in the old days, given that this Louboutin bag comes up as a $1,795 investment, SJP can still rock any look just as well as she did ten years ago. Actually, better in my opinion considering now they don’t have her wearing harsh make-up talking to the camera with a cigarette in hand, instead paring soft waves with light make-up highlighted by mostly bronzer and mascara.

LOVE THE LOOK. WANT THE LOOK. Any Mr. Big’s out there for this NYC girl?! ♥

Photo via Singer22


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