Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

19 Jan

So I’ve mentioned my “little sis” before on this blog, there is not a blood relation but a very, very close friend of mine has started her own blog about the importance of happiness. She has challenged herself to find one positive thing in her life every day for a year! She began in August of 2009 and will continue for seven more months until she concludes (publicly) this challenge.

I divert my style blog for the day in favor of this concept of making yourself smile at bare minimum (!) once a day. Her blog The Daily Challenge has really helped me re-evaluate what it is that makes me happy. Not the material objects, not the monumental objects, but the daily little pass you bys that should be recognized more often.

My little sis recognizes the importance of making yourself happy and in turn making others happy. Such a simple but vital concept. I always considered myself a happy, generally positive person, but then I re-thought about how often I do something in even the smallest extent to make someone else smile, and that is how we pay it forward and create a better environment for everyone.

One of my favorite quotes from her blog is “The phrase, “treat everyone as you want to be treated,” can also be rearranged into “Treat each day as you want to be treated” – if you want each day to be filled with energy, passion, love, amazement, wonder, and beauty to share with others, you will find it.” Every day we should actively pursue a good day, giving in to a bad day will just make it worse, at any moment you can change that day’s course.

I started thinking about the little things that make me happy in life:

Hot french vanilla coffee in the morning, red swedish fish, bows, street fair jewelry, the color combination of red yellow and green (it might just also be my sorority colors), my bff- my grandpa, Mt. Tam on a sunny day, street art, hearing Italian (molto bene!), frozen lemonade at baseball games in the summer, my mom’s weird text messages with x’s and q’s in random spots, sunsets in Hawaii (or reminiscing with photos!), NYC Sunday brunch with my brother, pancit, birthday cake candles, MY PUPPIES… oh, the list can go on and on!! And these are the things that make me happy outside of the fashion and beauty world, imagine what including that would look like!

Mt. Tam in Marin County.

San Rafael Street Chalk Fair- Twiggy.

Giants games over the bay during the summer.

Honolulu Sunset.

Brunch at Calle Ocho in NYC.

Elvis. Or LV.

Ms. Coco Chanel.

Lastly, my blog makes me so very, very happy. I am so glad you all continue to revisit my source of happiness and hopefully it bring happiness to you as well….. Share with me your sources of happiness, & check out The Daily Challenge; start seeing what makes you happy each day!


One Response to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

  1. Regine January 22, 2010 at 2:57 am #

    This post made me happy! :) been following both yours and Candice’s blogs, and you girls really are an inspiration. I am excited to live my life in a consistently positive way. Appreciating the little things that makes us happy really makes us appreciate life in general. :) LOVE THIS POST, thanks for sharing!

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