Awards Season Has Arrived…

18 Jan

Before we are all talked-out regarding this year’s Globes choices, I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents. Due to the boom in fashion media via Twitter and blogging, I’d say it’s safe to say this was the time to impress or depress on the red carpet. Everyday to Runway will never be a bashing site, because I believe people feel like they have too much power behind their keyboard and cower behind it flinging nasty comments far too often. So if you’re hoping this is a post including humorous hating, you might as well X this window now. I will however respond on what I felt did not work for me personally, in addition to what I was a fan of, recognizing that we are all entitled to our opinions and have our own fashion views. It’s just better to not be malicious about them. ♥

Ok, so now that the preface is over, on to the dresses!

The Golden (Globes) Couples. I mean seriously, stunners. The not too frilly, yet seriously romantic styles worn on both these lovely ladies just impressed me so much. The colors are both classic yet still are standouts of the night. I think there is nothing overtly special or unique about either of the dresses but the fit on both of them is spectacular the necklines are slightly sexy yet still elegant and the bottoms are just divine. Klum killing it in Cavalli and Emily Blunt delightful in Dolce just set my night right. It also doesn’t hurt that these women have some cuties as their arm accessory. Lucky girls.

Heating up the red carpet in some eye-popping colors were these absolute A-listers. Cameron, of course, dressed by Rachel Zoe in McQueen, the newest fashion icon Diane Kruger in Lacroix, and songbird Leona Lewis rocking Roberto Cavalli all decided to go bright for the night. Red is absolutely Cameron’s color (lucky for her she found a matching umbrella to escape the rain) and I love that she went long since we normally see her showing off those famous legs. The dress has beautiful draping while still showing off that toned body and pairing it with a matching bold lip really upped the glam factor. Not the biggest fan of her chunky black heels, but I’ll let it slide…. Diane looking absolutely pretty in pink but choosing to mix shades within the color palette and really pulling it off well. Magenta is all over Hollywood from SJP to Megan Fox earlier this year and Lauren Graham also choosing the playful color for last night’s show. The dress is unique and she gets my seal of approval…. Lastly, Leona who chose the hottest color of the night: Purple. While I’m not a fan of the dress’ itself or it’s material, seeming a little high school prom-ish (sorry Cavalli!!), the color is to die for and looks heavenly on her skin tone. She also knocked it out of the park with her make-up, choosing silvery hues for eyes and a neutral pout, really making herself known for why she was there (other than for her Avatar song.)

Drew absolutely glows in her nude Atelier Versace gown with embellishments which I could do without the hip one, but love the shoulder one. Since we normally see her with painted blonde-black hair, or face paint, it was nice to see her look so classy and simple chic…. Olivia was also on many lists of the night with her sparkled Gucci dress, which was a surprise given her affection towards ruffles. My favorite part about her dress is that she is auctioning it off in order to support relief efforts in Haiti. Now that is A+ style…. Last on my list of loves is newcomer Lea Michele. While she chose basic black, she chose the creme de la creme of basic black with this Oscar de la Renta billowing dress of goodness. She really stood out for me considering the risk she took being a young actress in a comedy TV show going for a full on gown rather than the predicted shorter hemline. Some may say boring, I say beautiful. I want this dress now.

The rest of the standouts for me were Sandra Bullock’s deep purple frock, Julia Roberts’ flowy hair, Anna Paquin’s sequins although I was not a fan of the shoes or the cut, I thought the dress had lots of potential, Penelope’s dress was safe but so flattering, January Jones’ headband and bold lip combo, and Mariah’s chest… oh, but that last one was a standout in the not-so-good way. But, it’s the Diva, so we forgive.

While not too many graced the OMG, what was she thinking list, there really were no OMG, that’s amazing dresses either. Many were great, were flattering, were fun, none knocked me off my feet, but hopefully the Oscar’s carpet will make up for that. Please Hollywood, pull out the big guns, make a statement and take a risk so the next carpet show down won’t be a snooze-fest. Please and thank you.

All photos from USMagazine online


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