It’s Where I Wanna Be…

17 Jan

This campaign featuring the semi-retired Claudia Schiffer and photographed by the renowned Mario Testino evokes every emotion that a campaign should. As I’m rifling through my daily blogs, I find this absolute gem of a campaign that I felt needed to be on Everyday to Runway. Just three photos stirs up feelings of calm, serenity, of class and elegance and the ever-looming jealousy. The fact that three photos can evoke so much emotion is just fantastic, and in my opinion, successful.

Ferragamo is synonymous with elegance and chic and this campaign epitomizes those concepts. Claudia represents the perfect Grace Kelly in what I imagine a daily day to be like, displaying each pair of heels that could be chosen for use that day, awaiting the time she must leave for her lunch date in sunny Monaco by the harbor selecting the perfect golden bow-adorned heel, her lipstick toting clutch and the final tie of a standout neck scarf.

Maybe it’s a personal connection to this campaign but the white suit, perfectly coifed hair strolling by the blue water seems like the ultimate dream life and Ferragamo has perfected my future life in three photos.

Photos from Fashion Gone Rogue.


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