Zac Attack.

15 Jan

Ever since we heard about the newly released collaboration with Zac Posen and Target, I have been awaiting this day of the look book release. Lucky for us Fashionista made our dreams come true last night with photo after photo of Posen apparel.

The line is set to be released in late April which will be perfect timing to slip into these eye-catching metallic bikinis, floral patterns and mini skirts. From first look the collection seems geared to the younger crowd, but if you look at each piece individually  there is a lot of fabulous separates there. “Tuxedo” pieces paired with tie-dye and floral brings a youthfulness to otherwise structured pieces that is fresh and accessible to more than just the runway. Already, I can see myself pairing certain pieces with previously owned items, and I am dying to get my hands on that yellow printed skirt and dress.

Below are some looks that intrigued me, but not all are necessarily from a must-buy standpoint.

The first dress is a Spring staple for me, I love bright florals and I this would be very cute for Sunday brunches. The Zac lipstick tank will be a collector’s classic for die-hard Zac fans, and it’s only $17, so I wouldn’t mind picking up one potentially for a slouchy tank look that I know I will be living in come summer. The next red dress reminds me so much of Molly Ringwald, while the black dress is modern day look of Grease’s Sandy, reminiscent of the famous school carnival scene. I’m sure on my next photo go around I will find other new pieces that I might just have to put on my wish-list.

Overall, the collection has more of a range than the Rodarte did for me, and hopefully better quality fabric. I love that pieces range from tuxedo jackets and pants to floral skirts to lamé bathing suits to punky tulle dresses. We’ll see if it garners as much attention as Rodarte, hopefully with a a better follow through.

Head over to Fashionista to see the rest of the look book and check out Look 13, um, Disney World tourist much? Ok, harsh… but true.


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