Gaultier Goodness.

15 Jan

Five minutes after publishing my review of the Zac Posen for Target line, Refinery 29 let us all in on the Jean Paul Gaultier look book. Today is like Target Fashion Christmas apparently!

I’m actually digging this collab as well. There are certain pieces that in no way look like they would come from a Target, and yes, I think that’s the point. While, this line has some pricier pieces, such as the supposed $199 leather jackets, it also has a lot of great more affordable pieces because honestly I would much rather just save up and buy the more legit piece than spend $200 at Target on one item. Mainly, quality and the last-factor are issues I’d worry about when buying a piece that pricey.

Rundown: I love the first floral print dress, so super cute, love that they edged it up with some gloves and a studded belt, but I’d go the Charlotte Yorke way if I bought it. The trench is $60, and while I invested in a great $200 trench that I hope will last me for a while, I do think that this is a great alternative for those of you who aren’t in the financial place for investment pieces right now. (Sidenote: tally up all the $$ spent on non-investment pieces and I’m sure you have the $$ for at least 3 investment pieces!) Here and there I see pieces I like, the jacket in look 2, the skirt in look 6, and the skirt in look 10 but I’m not dying for every piece in the collection. I think the fake tattoo leggings and arm covers (?) are absolutely ridiculous. I guess I understand how it relates to classic Gaultier, but seriously, you couldn’t pay me to wear those. As well, I do not think one vest needs to be in 1/4 of the looks, it’s a simple piece and adding it to some of those looks added no dimension.

Overall: some basic pieces, some what were they thinking pieces, and a few standouts. Verdict: will not be marking my calendar for the March 7th release just yet, but we’ll see as time goes by.

All photos directly from Refinery 29.


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