Hello, Upper East Siders…

14 Jan

At this week’s book launch for GG’s stylist-extraordinaire Eric Daman in NYC, the show’s stars rocked some pretty great personal styles. I literally, cannot tell you which of the three I like best because I think individually they fit the girl perfectly. I think all three of these girls are such chameleon’s in their wardrobes– depending on the event they can go from super prep to boho perfection over to sex kitten and rounding it out with classic glamour. For the most part they are on my A-list style stars of our age, a slight slip here and there but nothing too horrible so far that will ruin their style rep in my eyes.

Jessica Szohr was rumored to have borrowed an Alice + Olivia dress from Leighton which epitomized simple chic with a streamlined shape, classic pumps and a season-fave metallic touch with her clutch… She truly is gorgeous and they’re finally letting that show through on the show by branching out from Brooklyn boho to pretty glam, I mean, have you seen some of Vanessa’s turquoise jewelry?! I do not believe for one second that she is a Brooklyn barista with those accessories.

Leighton on the other hand rocked the runway look with some Louis Vuitton paired with some Balenciaga shoes and I for one, am so glad she chose the cute, put together Leighton to show off on Tuesday rather than the heavily make-upped, ripped dress look that she’s been frequenting lately. I love that she’s using gray as the neutral rather than black as it creates a lesser contrast with the bright pastels. Also, severely gaining my A+ props for the fresh faced makeup that I’ve been anxiously awaiting the return of.

And then there’s Blake. Attempting to make a statement, per usual. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous, I mean that hair is killer and the legs are to die for, but I mean does every event mean opportunity to stand-out? because I love the less is more concept every once in awhile and maybe she should try it out too. Rundown: love the blazer, not such a fan of the untucked waitress button down, could’ve put more effort into the hair, great make up (because really, she doesn’t need any) and then there’s the boots… in case you don’t read any other blog but EtR and aren’t aware of the fact that her “pants” in this photo are actually perforated thigh-high(er) Stella McCartney boots, there’s the memo. When they end no one knows. I don’t really know how I feel about the fact that she’s almost 100% not wearing pants, so I’m just hoping for her sake there were no strong gusts of wind that night… but I try not to be too critical on this blog, so I’ll just put it in the not for me pile, along with her Emmy’s long braid and move on for the night.

Pretty much I love the style on GG beyond belief, I love these girls’ personal style in real life (90% of the time) and I think Eric Daman is most likely a fabulous person I wish could help me on the weekends. So, I might not be rushing out tomorrow to pick up the actual book “You Know You Want it: Style-Inspiration-Confidence” (long enough title, Eric?!) but at some point I might head over to the bookstore and flip through it on the steps of the Met with my bejeweled headband and latte courtesy of Dorota….. uhhh, or in my FiDi apt with some ramen.

Photo from GlamChic


2 Responses to “Hello, Upper East Siders…”

  1. mybffcastillo January 15, 2010 at 1:38 am #

    Fashion isn’t my thing, but this is a great blog! Is it for work or just for fun? Miss you, hope you’re doing well!

    • everydaytorunway January 16, 2010 at 8:39 am #

      Both! Work is fun first of all! haha but yes, it’s a hobby of mine but also a writing portfolio for reference. Miss you lots MYbff!

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