The Pretty Boy-Wonder.

12 Jan

Ps. How ridiculous are these cover taglines?

Details’ newest cover features pretty boy extraordinaire which I am glad to stare at all day long, but the subtitle is a little off… “proud of his package”…. um, ok? I will disregard that overly awkward Detail (hah) and let you all feast your eyes on today’s man candy. Yes, by now you all are aware of my secret love admiration upon Mr. Tatum and Kellan Lutz. So I figured I couldn’t deprive you all of a sexy cover shot featuring the man who has a sick body, can dance circles around y’all (wrong movie? Oh well.) is athletic a la She’s the Man (guilty pleasure anyone?)) and yes, did I mention, has a pretty crazy amazing body.

I would put a hot body picture here, but I figure most of you read this at work or in class, so I’ll spare you the slight embarassment and you can google when you get home all for yourself.


OK, so for those of you wondering how this relates to my usual blog subjects. I figure, every girl needs some arm candy to accompany her other arm candy such as our Birkins, Louis, and Chanels. And no one has better arm candy than Jenna Dewan. ALSO, I figure if any guy wants to gain ten points in life feel free to put on a white tee, a tight jacket and go a little cowboy like Channing, it’s a style that will never grow old.


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