Princess Karlie and the Pea.

11 Jan

Whimsical + colorful+ featuring The Braid and Karlie = recipe for a major campaign!

I have always had a secret love affair for Hermès since I discovered my mother’s overflowing drawer full of every color Hermès imaginable. But this epitomizes my love in one photo.

Karlie Kloss is absolutely beautiful and one of my favorite models out there right now and having her face the S/S ’10 campaign is genius. She was recently named Vogue’s Favorite Model of 2009 at only 17 (!) and for me, she’s so fresh faced and can really chameleon herself between labels, concepts and shoots. So, Karlie was the perfect first “ingredient” to this campaign.

Drawing inspiration directly from the Princess and the Pea (a personal favorite, after seeing at the Sydney Opera House) was the next amazing part to the equation. Like I said, it has a whimsical, magical feeling to it, that most girls can immediately relate to it after hearing the story so many times as a young girl. The campaign instantly feels sweet and special but also put in a modern day context.

The scarves are instant classic Hermès, but their choice of using the brightest of the bright colors: purples, yellows, oranges really make me feel like they’re reaching out to a new demographic, that Hermès can be for all ages and not just be known for their famous orange boxes. The prints are also very fresh and there are only so many paisley prints you can see before getting bored and I’m absolutely enthralled by these. Again, one in each color please.

Lastly, The Braid. It is officially everywhere and being seen in spreads in Vogue on Kasia Struss to the red carpet with Rachel McAdams to other campaigns such as here with Hermès. Although, I love that they put their own spin on The Braid by incorporating a beautifully printed, ultra-feminine pink colored scarf.

Overall, fabulous. “Life as a Tale” is right Hermès and you are spot on. A+.

Photo from Fashion Gone Rogue


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