New Addition.

9 Jan

I’m not sure how many of you are like me, that when you go into a Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, or any store of the sort, all of a sudden figure out 900 things that are absolutely necessary and you need to get immediately regardless of the fact that the product is an amazing one-cup espresso maker, when if you don’t drink or like espresso. Just because it’s a great deal, does not mean  you need to have it immediately. I’m still learning this idea… slowly but surely.

But on my most recent trip to BB&B, I found a new addition to my room that I think it’s pretty amazing…

This photo was taken from my Photo Booth, so sorry for the quality!

I have buckets and buckets filled with jewelry from vintage pearls given to me by my grandmother, to cheapie danglies from F21. And each morning when I’m in a rush to get dressed and get to work I always end up dumping all my jewelry onto my bed searching for that right accessory to my day’s outfit… until now.

For $20 I bought this jewelry hanger that has little pockets on the front and back to individually hold all your treasured pieces. After trying individual baggies, large plastic bags, jewelry trees (which hold oh, about 5 pieces), and mini-organizers, I would always get frustrated that I would either have to open each individual bag to see what was in it, or all my pieces would get tangled together and then I’d be late for work but finally this is the solution to all my problems.

I have it hanging right in the middle of my closet, I will probably have to get 2 in order to put all my jewelry up, but I love that I can organize it from nice to not-so-nice or categorize it between earrings, bracelets, necklaces and have it all easy to grab, easy to put back and all clear so I can evaluate my choices easily each morning!

I swear, it has made the mornings much less hectic, and I wear my jewelry a lot more due to this easy access which makes me happy and makes my daily outfits a lot cuter!


What do you think? Good investment or waste of $20? So far, I’d say best $$ spent so far in 2010… but we’ll see!


One Response to “New Addition.”

  1. islandjen January 13, 2010 at 8:28 am #

    love it..i may need to get one for myself!

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