Lucky in Lace.

8 Jan

The Stella McCartney nude and black lace look is everywhere and I’m officially in love. The lace is demure but the cut and color sex-es it up a bit. I love that she has the same neckline on most of the styles but either keeps it classic like with Reese’s look, or dares to be dramatic with the deep look in the third photo. Lindsay Lohan has Twitpic-ed herself in the jumper seen on Stella in the first pic but for me, no one does it better than the designer themselves. So, Stella, I bow down to you and  your creative ways, your knowledge of what makes a woman look great is spot on and these lace numbers are the epitome of a balance between sexy and cute. Love it.

I think of all the looks, Reese’s is the most wearable for those of us who want to look classic and sweet and don’t exactly want to attempt to pull off a jumper quite yet. The shape is super flattering and we all know that Reese isn’t the tallest girl in Hollywood, and the short, but not mini hemline looks so perfect for her tiny but fit frame. Reese has amazing style and really knows how to dress for her body. Find out what dress and skirt shape looks best on your frame and when shopping try to find lots of pieces in that shape but a variety of material, color, and weight so you can have a wardrobe that you will look perfect in all year long!

Are you loving this lace as much as I am?!



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