Winter Wonderland, LA Style.

7 Jan

I was really excited to see the outfits worn at last night’s People’s Choice Awards and be able to post about my favorites, but I’m left sort of empty-handed due to the lack of anything spectacular last night. SAD. I know it’s not officially “award season” yet but I figured this show would bring out some sparkle, some short hemlines and a whole lotta fun. But really, it’s just a lot of meh. If anyone looked great, it was Taylor Swift. She really knows how to dress for her age and while white in January seems a little off, especially a dress this small in winter!? But she can pull it off, and it seems more winter wonderland than lost from your August yacht.

Some of my favorite things about Taylor is that she always has fun with her look and that’s great since she’s only 19! She has an amazing hair and make-up artist so she always looks fresh and dewy instead of caked-on. And if you look closely, you can see she always lines her inner eye-V with white and this instantly makes her eyes look bigger and brighter, which instantly makes you look more refreshed and awake.

Taylor’s isn’t wow-ing me to a major extent, but none really were that inspiring, if any other ones were in the “fun” category, I’d say Lea Michelle from Glee is bright and cheery. Again, I think it’s funny that most of the red carpet was filled with spring and summer colors with tiny hemlines despite the chilly temperatures, then again the awards were held in LA where the temp barely falls below 60, so I guess they’re set… Lea’s dress has an interesting shape with a bustier-esque top and big pockets, she’s also rocking House of Lavande jewels (I’ve recently discovered and fell in love with their pieces) and keeps it playful with some multi-colored pumps to brighten up the classic-colored filled carpet with most girls choosing neutrals and blacks.

Well, nothing too great, nothing too horrible (at least, not shown yet). But it’s fun to see how bright oranges and winter whites can bring life to these dark months and keep us eagerly awaiting Spring!!

Photos from PeopleStyleWatch & Teen Vogue


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