Your Best Natural Accessory…

5 Jan

This may sound crazy, but you have one of the best accessories built into you. Yes, I know what you’re thinking… I was born with a Birkin bag?! Ok, no, so we weren’t born with the best handbag known on Earth, but you were born with a sparkly set of teeth that when shown can be your best asset!

The token exclamation of CHEESE, is totally apropos right now because this is a totally cheesetastic post. But really, how much better do you look when you smile versus when you’re scowling… A LOT! Hence, my reasoning for posting this.

So I got to thinking about my teeth and how absolutely I am obsessed with them. I brush my teeth two (or three!) times a day, I am a flosser, I am addicted to teeth whitener and I was recently introduced to an amazing new invention… the OraBrush.

This handy little thing will help you from ever having bad breath again!

Ok. So yes, this post is a little out of the ordinary for my blog, but really, is yellow teeth or bad breath ever in style?! And that’s really the point of this post! Please, spare everyone from potential bad breath that from every day to even the runway is NEVER chic.

The lovely people at OraBrush gifted me this little tool and I am officially addicted. Ever time I brushed my teeth I would always use my toothbrush to brush my tongue and it never really did anything! But there wasn’t really an alternative out there. Mouthwash and tongue scrapers don’t really help getting rid of bad breath, just covering it up for a little bit.

So now, the OraBrush: 90% of bad breath comes from the tongue so having a soft bristley brush that you wiggle around your tongue than use the top bar to “scrape” down removes everything that would cause you to be not so cute when gettin close.

It’s really soft so it’s not literally scratching your tongue off and when you use it both in the morning and night after brushing you can really prevent any icky feeling that comes with thinking you have bad breath. Best news is, this tongue cleanser lasts as long as a toothbrush does, so you don’t have to worry about buying a huge bag of them and disposing them each night.

Check out their YouTube video which explains it with a fun twist, and their website to get your own, and if you order more than one you get free shipping (if you’re in the U.S/Canada)!

From everyday to the runway, fresh breath is always in style!


*Yes, I did receive this product for free, but I would never advocate for a product I didn’t actually like.


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