5 Jan

So, just like know-how, we need brow-how: a way to learn how to best shape our eyebrows. Marie Claire shows us in a video the best techniques in order to get that come hither one eyebrow up look perfect… ok maybe not, but it does show us how to get eyebrows that match!

Update: This how-to is especially important because many of you, like me, may be on a tight budget. And yes, I loved my eyebrow girl in Marin who waxed to perfection every time. But when I’m on a budget, saving money anywhere is crucial and so getting bi-monthly manicures and pedicures had to go along with eyebrows and too much Starbucks!

So of course, go ahead and if you have a trusted and good place to get your brows waxed and/or threaded, lucky you! But for me, I’m going to master the art of the brow stat to save me $$ each month!


One Response to “Brow-How”

  1. thelovelyaesthetic January 5, 2010 at 4:39 pm #

    Just get them threaded :) That’s my trick.

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