Make-Up Must-Have…

3 Jan

Some genius in the make-up world decided to create the Too Faced “Walk of Shame Set.” Now, no fashionista would actually do a “Walk of Shame” but for those overnights at our steady’s (yes, that’s old school for ya) apartment we would love to bring along this little kit. No guy actually wants to know the process you go through in the morning to make you that beautiful “natural” fresh-faced self, so hiding this little pouch is your key to keeping women’s elusive little secret and avoiding that morning-after raccoon eyes mess-of-a-look that can sometimes happen after a long night…

This sexy clutch contains all the beauty essentials (plus some!) and if he asks you can just wink, and tell him you’re carrying your unmentionables… because really, doesn’t this clutch just look cute enough to wear?!

Underneath the pink ruffles, you’ll get a Mini Primed & Poreless Face Primer, a Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer, a Compact with a sun-kissed bronzer and two natural eyeshadows, a Lip of Luxury Lipstick in Totally Nude, a Too Faced Toothbrush, and last but certainly not least, Oral Fixation Mints.

Sephora carries this set for only $38, I mean that’s really a steal considering many of these items go for around $18 each. It claims it’s a $95 value, but some of these items are changed into mini’s so I’m not sure if that’s an accurate “savings.” But it’s still an amazing deal considering all that comes inside plus getting the actual bag itself too!

Click Sephora to be linked to where you can order this cute set!


* I do not actually believe in waking up earlier than a boyfriend to apply make-up to keep up a charade, but I do like to walk out of the house in the morning with something more than just last night’s mascara running down my face.


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