Hello, I live here…

3 Jan

So here I am, officially a resident of New York City. I’m absolutely loving my apartment (even though it’s still half empty!) and I am so excited to start working tomorrow, yep, bright and early 9 am! I did however, spend yesterday- in the snow- trekking around getting myself re-acquainted with the Big Apple. Yesterday was filled with shopping, eating, and LOTS of walking around- the typical New York day! I thought I’d share my first day finds with you….

Not the best picture because it’s from my phone at midnight, but here’s the city from my bedroom! Ps. the green & red building is the Empire State Building! (Cue Jay-Z song)

First, I braved the touristy crowds in SoHo to go to my favorite quick bite to eat place in all of the City (so far): Hampton Chutney. If you’re ever wanting to grab something quick, cheap and in SoHo (or UWS) this is the bestttt place. They serve massive dosas on big cafeteria like trays with yummy chutneys like mango, cilantro, and peanut. I always get the #9 with spinach and chicken but half the menu is vegetarian. So, YUM.

Next I went around to a bunch of little shops, I had a purpose and a list (always handy for a shopaholic) so I didn’t do too much damage, an accessory here, a new pair of leggings there, not too much but nothing was too inspiring, especially considering the amount of people pushing– never nice, never fun. Rule of thumb: entitlement is never cute.

I decided to go into this cute store which I had heard about but never been in called Madewell. If you ever go to the SoHo location, find Nora Stallworth! Amazing personal stylist, freelancing there, she and I talked and she persuaded me out of buying a wonderful wool blazer, because really, when you’re on a budget, buying a piece that can only be worn 2-3 months out of the year, isn’t the most fiscally responsible idea. But I made her look at pieces I tried on and she already helped me brainstorm about 5 ideas with the pieces I got! Love her. So as for the pieces…

I bought jeggings! Ah, I caved. I thought I would pass-by this trend, but when I saw these ones at Madewell I couldn’t resist! Up until now, all the jeggings I saw were really cheap and were not constructed well, or they had a great fit and were about $150 out of my price range. So in comes, Madwell. Well constructed, great fabric, great fit, and only $55 (plus a discount if you’re a student!). It is MOST important to point out, Jeggings are fantastic for tucking into boots, but I BEG YOU please cover your behind, just like leggings your shirt should go over your rear end, PLEASE, and thank you in advance.

I also found the most beautiful chained necklace there that I could not resist, despite the hefty $95 price tag. It is an investment piece, as I believe under-statement necklaces are here to stay forever. I will post a picture as soon as I can, because I cannot find one online, but truly I’m obsessed with it. A multi-chain statement necklace is a great piece to own because they look amazing with an LBD, a work outfit, and just a white t-shirt and jeans. Must have.

Last but not least, I went over to a chain shoe store to pick up a pair of boots that aren’t too pricey so I can use them as every day throw on boots, but also won’t get destroyed in a month. I bought a pair of Steve Madden Intyce boots in a dark gray about 4 months ago, and then returned them so I could buy a more expensive pair of black OTK boots. But when I walked into Steve Madden on Broadway, they were handing out scratch off cards and I scratched off a 40% off one! So I really could not resist re-buying these boots, but this time in brown because really that’s more versatile for every day than gray!

So if you’re in NYC and need some cheap boots go get a scratch off card at Steve Madden and shop away!

OK today I’m off to IKEA to buy a lamp so I’m not in the dark anymore!! And to finish unpacking. Wish me luck readers, and if you’re in New York, comment some suggestions for me!

Let’s here it for New York… (sorry, I couldn’t resist).



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