Bienvenido Chanel

31 Dec

Mastermind Karl Lagerfeld decided Argentina to be the backdrop for the new Chanel campaign and my, my, my did he capture the caliente. I love the subtlety of this campaign. When we first heard Chanel was going to Argentina, I know I for one, was expecting matadors, bulls, more camp-yness, especially after their barn and straw clog-filled runway show. But no, Karl gave us sexiness in the daily life of an Argentinean. Since street style is becoming one of the hottest items on the internet I think Chanel used that to their advantage and re-created the look of sexy, chic Latin Americans with ease.

The first photo is just plain sexy. I love that the man slightly resembles Kaiser with the long ponytail and almost hidden eyes but it also just seems like a gorgeous couple having a moment on their way to an event. Capturing a secret moment of a daily life. Fantastic. As for the second, the quilted purse is a Chanel give-in, but add it to Claudia Schiffer and bam, you have a gorgeous girl walking to a party in a street style inspired campaign.

Yes, this is just my take and I could be 100% wrong or the “fashion world” can deem it not the best, but that’s what I love about fashion, is that everyone can make up their own story and it will be “right” to them. So, there.

Via the Cut


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