30 Dec

Dear San Francisco,

Our time together has been lovely. I will miss your foggy mornings, and brutally hot summers. I will long for the days at Stinson Beach, and drinks up in Hyatt. I loved long, weekend hikes with my puppies and seeing the boats on the Bay.  Wine tasting trips in Napa Valley made me very happy and even those hour long trips to Target couldn’t make me angry. I will miss Zushi Puzzle more than I could say, and days around the Haight. But guess what San Francisco, I will be visiting soon, until then I am selling my car, packing up and moving to New York City. The 48th floor awaits me with it’s view of the Empire State. The snow, the rain, the frigid temps will never tear me away. I cannot wait to live in the city that never sleeps and max out my credit cards on shopping damage that I cannot control. So yes, I’m sad to leave my lovely city by the Bay. But I’m movin on up, to the FiDi to a flexed apartment in the sky. So I will return, and have a beer at Pac Bell but for now, I go and am ready to freeze my butt off because apparently there is a world outside of California.




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