Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em

29 Dec

At the Burberry Prorsum S/S 2010 RTW show, toes were all covered up in this warm yet sleek style. Looks like our spring and summer heels can now transition seamlessly into winter when paired with a pair of socks! I’m totally feeling this look with knee high socks peeking out under knee high boots, or scrunched down with ankle booties and of course, with heels! The key to this trend is knee high socks. They are the basis of all three aforementioned looks because really, no one wants to see your white gym socks with your sparkly pumps. Nope.

This look has been on the runway all the way since Anna Sui in ’08 but it’s really catching on to mass now and I’m so glad! If you’re new to the trend and a little wary, wearing black socks the first day could make a smoother transition for you. Otherwise, keep socks in neutral colors: tans, beiges, olives, even mustards and play with colors other than black, especially to add depth to black shoes. This look works great with tall boots (that are a little looser at the top), ankle boots, and strappy heels, I don’t really recommend it with pumps because that can seem a little school girl on Halloween-ish but Mary Janes are a great alternative! But overall stick to knee highs, because the scrunchier the better!

Once you’ve mastered the sock with heel trend, then try rocking the DIY Miu Miu embellished socks posted here!



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