NYE: Unusual, Amazing Accessory

29 Dec

Sephora on Twitter posed a great question yesterday about any special make up plans for NYE having to do with fake lashes, shimmer and glitter and I responded immediately that if I’m going out on NYE and want to be camp-y, I will always rock the fake lashes that have the built in silver lashes and some shimmer body spray if I really feel like going all-out. Funny enough, the “OOC” Rachel Zoe just posted her go-to item for NYE and that being the Shu Uemura dazzling black diamante false lashes!

These sparkly lashes are only $25 online and are absolutely worth it as Shu Uemura is highly regarded as the best false eyelashes and these are just super cute and well worth the extra price! Rachel also suggests in her “parallel universe” the Sephora brand ones which are only $8.

I’ve never bought the Sephora eyelashes so I can’t vouch for the quality but if you don’t want to spend the extra $$, these would probably be a fine alternative! When I wore false lashes last year for my NYE in Vegas I wore a pair of Victoria Secret ones that came in a container with lash adhesive and un-glue all for $12 and they didn’t budge all night!

Try them out! I know I got a ton of random compliments last year and loved the extra shine!


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