Wish List.

24 Dec

If I was getting presents, I had a few things on my wish list, some attainable, some not but I thought I’d share regardless…

This Coach Sequin Leopard Large Claire bag is insanely gorgeous. At $1200 it isn’t something I would buy for myself due to the price tag and it’s not exactly the “everyday” bag, but if given to me I would cherish it forever. I love animal prints, I love sequins, and I love black-hole bags and this encompasses all three. Gorgeous!

Everyone needs a “fun” bag for nights out, and this would liven up an all black outfit immediately. And in NYC anything but a Longchamp goes! (Burberry trench, Longchamp bag, Tory Burch ballet flats=the NYC uniform.)

These Tiffany & Co earrings would be a great daily pair of earrings. A girl can never have enough earrings in my opinion, but it’s also important to have a pair that you can just put on any day and will go with anything. These post earrings are only $185 so it would be a great sole-gift for a guy to give his girlfriend who have been dating for around a year. I think gift price tag is correlated to time of dating, might sound weird, but I think it’s a great system! It’s better to give one great gift than a bunch of not-so great gifts.

A straightener is a must-have for most girls. I have wavy hair, so I apply heat almost every day whether curling or straightening. I am in love with my Hot Tools curling iron so I’m set in that department. But I really want a great straightener and mine just isn’t cutting it anymore. This ghd straightener is pretty pricey at $240 but supposedly it is the best around, so this would be a great investment. It has won many beauty awards and the people I know who have it are on their fourth or fifth year using it, so you know it will last you awhile. It also now comes in pink!

There are many other to-die for pieces on my wish list this year such as the Alexis Hudson Bijou 4-in-1 bag which I posted about here! But that is all I’ll share for now so I can get a move-on with my day!

Share with me! What are some pieces on your wish list!?


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