Holiday Traditions!

24 Dec

It has been going around the blogsphere what each bloggers holiday traditions are and I thought I’d join in because I love traditions and continually try to make up more even when they’re not real traditions!

Every year we are procrastinators, that is a for sure that is always a tradition! We always get our tree at the last moment and it is absolutely a tradition that we all have breakfast and then hide in our rooms wrapping our presents the morning of Christmas because most likely we didn’t even buy them until Christmas Eve! It’s a horrible tradition because we don’t spend time together the morning of but that’s us!

This year we have decided not to get a tree or buy any presents because we feel like it always stresses us out and that is not the real point of the Holiday. We also have been buying up a storm for my new apartment in New York so I feel like those all count as Christmas presents! I do miss the smell of pine and vacuuming up the needles (yesss that is my tradition!) and pulling out those ornaments and laughing at the ones you made when you were five in girl scouts, but this year we are sticking with a mini tree!

One of my favorite traditions are the foods we make and eat! Christmas Eve we always go to our friend’s house and have a traditional Italian dinner with seven fishes and we always do a three pasta dish with red sauce, pesto and alfredo to make the Italian flag! Yes, we’re dorks, but it’s so cute! Christmas Day we always cook at home with the family and add a Jewish friend or two who are then required to bring us yummy latkes! We make a chocolate dessert, and a non-chocolate dessert that I’m very excited for! But the best is Christmas morning breakfast! We wake up late, and in our red and green pajamas all collectively have mimosas and make a speciality meal of beignets or crepes, something fun and new!

Today we are going into San Francisco and just seeing all the decorations and having a drink at the top of the Hyatt overlooking the city and definitely avoiding all the mall crowds!

I hope you all have a great Holiday if you celebrate Christmas and will share with me what some of your traditions are!



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