Suit Up.

23 Dec

The trend that is all over Hollywood is definitely the bodysuit and leotard look. I have yet to want to go out in public wearing no pants although this look is not lost on all of us non-exhibitionists.

The bodysuit is an amazing alternative to a tight tank when paring with tights and a skirt this winter. Even my tightest tanks still bunch up when I try to tuck them into my full or pencil skirts so a bodysuit is a great replacement. I guess it’s also a good look to pair with harem pants, but I am not endorsing harem pants in any way, in my opinion, those should stay in the 80’s with MC Hammer. If Rihanna can’t pull them off, no one can.

And most no one would look appropriate pairing their bottoms with a midriff for a normal day of work. So we turn to the bodysuit! The great thing is they come in so many colors with great back detailing and come in long sleeves as well. American Apparel have bodysuits in almost every imaginable color, with detailing like zippers and all sleeve lengths for only $25-$40. That’s a pretty good deal for a piece that could be used year-round for layering and function.

My favorite from AA is the Cotton Spandex Jersey Cross V-Bodysuit ($36) it has a semi-sexy neckline that can be great for a night-time look, or you can add a flat cami or a flat faced bra to make it a work-appropriate look.

So if you want to avoid a bunchy-tummy, go for the bodysuit, and stick to bottoms that aren’t too tight because no one wants to see a panty-line, so full skirts and tights are the perfect pairing to this trend!

What do you think? Would you wear a bodysuit?!



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