Sparkle Showdown.

23 Dec

It’s a fashion face down readers: another Hilton versus Katie Cassidy, from Melrose Place. Seems like the Hilton’s don’t mind being fashion repeaters anymore, since Nicky was seen in Nina’s outfit and now Paris wore this sparkling mini by Brian Lichtenberg. I love that the dress is not black as we’ve been seeing most sequin pieces this season in the dark color. This would seriously be a powerful NYE dress. The great deep blue is flattering on so many people, both these girls are blonde but dark blues are a great universal neutral that can be the alternative to black any day for most skin tones and hair shades. Also, hello?! NYE is in the dead of winter, who wants to be wearing a strapless dress and freeze to death on the night we’re trying to look our cutest, so this one sleeve wonder is a perfect alternative to keep warm on one side and look sexy on the other. And your significant other would be the perfect accessory because he can keep your other side warm!

Back to the face-off. Both girls have interesting hair-do’s that I’m not the biggest fan of. I definitely don’t like Paris’ due to it looking so harsh and well, weird. Katie just looks older with her up-do. I do think that having your hair up would be good in order to showcase the dress but I don’t think this was the best fit for her. Both of their shoes are really way too clunky and unflattering in comparison to the dress. I great metallic peep toe would be the best pairing in my opinion. I think I’m leaning towards Katie just because with Paris’ horrid hair-do(n’t) and her bad attitude accented with those red lips she just looks scary while Katie, who might look older than her actual age, still looks fresh and fun. Although next time, lose the silver sparkle clutch, one sequin piece is enough.

What do you think?!



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