икона or ICON.

22 Dec

I’m giving all you lovelies an extra long post today because I will not be posting much today because I am heading up to Tahoe to see some snow and be a ski bunny! So in that case, here’s an extra long one…

First of all, икона, I think (!) means icon in Russian. I tried asking a friend and that was her guess, but, please, if you know better: comment! Oh yes…. “icon” in Russian… why you ask? Because Miroslava Duma is the epitome of a style icon!

If you don’t know who this petite beauty is, that’s absolutely normal, although you might recognize some of these photos via the Sartorialist website who collaborated with her while in Russia. Miroslava Duma is an editor at Harper’s Bazaar Russia and if you google her name I dare you to find a picture of her when she does not look absolutely chic.

No matter the season, Miraslava knows how to dress for her body (heels, heels, heels) and how to accessorize to perfection.

Hats, sunglasses, bags, shoes: use accessories to switch up your style from polished chic to bohemian to glam.

Miroslava knows how to play with proportions to her petite advantage. If your shorts/skirt are big, wear a fitted top and vice versa. Mixing textures also brings depth to an outfit; play with leather and metallics, or wools and chains.

I think I could print out every picture of her on the internet and still not find a flaw. She is truly a master of a fashion, a chameleon of personal style, and a fashion inspiration to me.




One Response to “икона or ICON.”

  1. mb December 22, 2009 at 9:07 am #

    Excellent article. I really appreciate the photos and tips for those of us that are height challenged. I agree her proportions are spot on in every photo. Thanks!

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