The MAC Basics & Must-Haves

21 Dec

Since I started discussing my love for MAC Cosmetics, I have gotten a few responses regarding “key” MAC pieces. This is not my whole collection but it is some of the less ostentatious pieces that I own and feel create a basis for the start of a collection. I also use other brands of make-up, like Benefit, Lancome, and lip glosses from everywhere (I have heard good things about Purple Lab’s Huge Lips, Skinny Hips and will be reviewing it soon!). But the basic of my make-up routine comes from MAC.

Now this took me awhile to collect and I have bought every piece with my own money or gift cards given to me by family and friends (it’s their go-to gift for me most of the time). I have gotten two lipsticks for “free” from their Back-to-MAC program of bringing in six empty cases and receiving a lipstick which is amazing!

(Update 1/3/10: received my 3rd free lipstick today: Jubilee! LOVE IT).

(PS.S. Might have also picked up Pearl, a highlighting cream. Love that too.)

Overall, I use their face prep + prime which sets make-up first and their pressed powder in NC 15-20-or-25 depending on the season and their liquid foundation in NC 15 or 20 every day. I have both right now because sometimes I mix them together to create a match when I’m in between colors. The MOST important thing to remember about foundation is to blend it all the way out to the hair line and neck line so you do not have lines of color which is truly horrendous!

Other face items I use are the Silver Dusk loose powder, it’s a light shimmer I use on cheekbones and in the corners of my eyes, or decolletage, not too middle-school glittery which is good to avoid if you’re over the age 14. Remember use bronzer on places you want to look smaller (like the outsides of your forehead if you have a big forehead, or on the sides of your nose) or for contouring like in the hollow of your cheek. Use highlighter like Silver Dusk, places you want to look more pronounced like the tops of cheekbones!

I switch between MAC’s bronzer in Medium and Benefit’s Hoola, because MAC’s has a shimmer to it and Hoola is very matte. I also love baby pink blush especially on tan skin and when I had super blonde hair. I love Sweet William cream blush, it has since been discontinued but I ordered six from their gone-but-not-forgotten hotline. I like cream better than powder because it says longer but I also have the powder version.

Lipsticks I use are Bombshell (not shown) and Syrup on a daily basis. Bombshell is a baby pink which is cute in summer, Syrup is more of a sheer mauve which is great in winter. The red one in this picture is Skew and is my friend Shannon’s (sorry, Shan, I’ll give it back soon haha) which goes on lighter than most red. I also have a HOT pink from the Hello Kitty collection that I never wear but the packaging was too cute for words.

Brushes are key but MAC’s are super expensive so the basic important ones are an angled brush, a flat eyeshadow brush, a brush for the crease color and then I swear by the 224 blending brush (at the top). Underneath is their technokohl eyeliner which is the best for the waterline I’ve ever found.

As for the eyeshadows, I think having one neutral, warm brown look and one fun, eye-complimenting set are fine to start off with. I have hazel eyes so purple is the most complimenting color for them so I use Retrospecks for the eye line to brow, then Trax for the crease and Blackberry for the liner and deep-v Color. For browns I use brule and mulch most commonly. And I always put on Painterly before shadows to prevent creasing and keep it on longer.

I hope that was helpful for the starts of a collection! Comment any questions you have and I’ll answer them for you!

P.S. Just because I like these colors does not mean they’re the right ones for you, ask a MAC Artist, or find colors/brushes that fit your price range, make it work for you. ♥


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