Magenta Madness.

21 Dec

Reds, Golds, Dark Greens are all usual and “safe” winter color choices but there’s a new color in town and it’s blowing these winter palettes out of the water….

Sarah Jessica Parker is rocking the red carpet, per usual, in a classic yet original outfit consisting of a daring hot pink L’Wren Scott mini paired with Charlotte Olympia purple pumps. I mean, only SJP can pull off a mini paired with a cape on the red carpet. Sarah Jessica Parker is widely well known (obviously) for her SATC character, Carrie, but what people don’t realize is that SJP ISN’T CARRIE! I know that sounds obvious but her style actually is different from Carrie’s, and she is rarely, if ever, on the worst-dressed list. Kudos SJP.

Jenna Dewan, Mrs. Channing Tatum, has really risen on my style radar in the past few months. Maybe she’s finally accepting her position in Hollywood, or she just decided to come out of hiding, but Jenna is showing up everywhere and each time she does, she looks fabulous. At the Dizzy Feet Event in LA, she shows off that dancer body in a Dolce & Gabbana mini and Camilla Skovgaard metallic heels. I love that she lets the brightly hued dress stand on its own with minimum jewelry but if I’m seeing correctly she’s wearing a Cartier LOVE bracelet (*le sigh*) most likely from Channing. Lucky, lucky girl.

Maybe hot pink was avoided due to the clashing it causes from the RED carpet, but maybe we need to make a new colored carpet because Magenta is hot and it’s here to stay.



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