Wedding in December.

20 Dec

So even though I’m only 22, have no fiancé, and it’s December (not May or June, i.e. when I plan to get married) I have recently been shown a beautiful wedding gown. A friend who knows my love for wedding themed websites (I blame it on the fact that I’ve never been to one) and also reads A Cup of Jo (linked on the right side) emailed me her post about a J.Crew wedding dress. I mean, first of all, J.Crew (?) really? I am getting married in Monique Lhuillier, Carolina Herrera, or Vera, of course.

But then, bam, this beautiful little thing of a dress is thrown at me and I am knocked off my wedding gown horse.

At $895, it is almost too affordable but it is just the perfect beachy dress for a ocean-side wedding.

The lovely detailing on one side brings such femininity that I know I want to epitomize on my special day but it also seems so relaxed and effortless and approachable which is also a must, because what soon-to-be husband wants to feel like he can’t put a hair out of place on his wife the day you are locked in forever. Nuh-uh, touchable it is.

The low back is so sensual while still being appropriate for a family event and the way it hits the waist and cascades is perfect for those of us with very tiny waists but a little bigger of hips. This dress would be perfectly flattering on most everyone and would create an amazing classic look for a sunny day, blue skies, no clouds beach wedding.

Is it too early to buy my dress?

Photos from J.Crew online.


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