Gaga for Nicola.

20 Dec

So I guess I’m behind the pack when it comes to finding out that Lady Gaga has been helped by Nicola Formichetti for many of her appearances and geez, I am blown away by this guy. Nicola Formichetti was a part of the mind-blowing genius that was incapsulated in the Bad Romance video as well as just her usual run of the mill, going to get coffee plastic bodysuit with cutouts and strong shoulders, you know, the usual errand attire… But all that aside, Nicola is so beyond what anyone would expect, even for Gaga and really has an amazing understanding of a woman’s body and the future of fashion.

Outside of being a genius for Gaga’s daily antics, he is fashion director for Vogue Hommes Japan, Senior Editor for Dazed & Confused and AnOther magazine, and Contributing Editor to V and VMAN as well as serving as Creative Director for Uniqlo. I mean, busy much?! He continues to blog about many of his projects at Nicola Formichetti all throughout his crazy schedule.

Nicola says to MYKROMAG, “Don’t ever stress to get a certain look… When you do, that’s where it turns into work.” So remember to just be yourself and enjoy your personal style, don’t worry about what’s “IN” or not, just enjoy it.

From his blog, here are some of his collaborations…

Natalia Vodianova for V Magazine

And of course, Lady Gaga…

As we can see, Nicola likes his leotards but hey, I will give props to him any day.

All photos from Nicola’s blog.


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  1. BarryJacobs December 20, 2009 at 7:42 pm #

    hey, good post and i also like your page layout too. Have bookmarked your site and will stop by again

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