19 Dec

So I’m super excited and looking (extra) forward to Valentine’s Day next year, but not for the reason you may think…

It’s because on February 12, 2010 the movie Valentine’s Day comes out!!

The second trailer was released today and yes, I do realize that this post is not fashion or beauty related. But come onnnn, what girl is not excited for this movie. I mean a) another Bradley Cooper movie b) who doesn’t love Julia Roberts c) I cannot wait to see every outfit they put Anne Hathaway in (she always looks stunning) and d) the gossip-hound that I am is excited to see Taylor-squared (i.e. Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner) because even though I’m 22, I can still feel like a high schooler when it comes to romance and yes, call me a cougar, but damn that werewolf boy has a nice body. So check it out…

Are you going to force your significant other to see this come February too?!


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