Oh My Lourdes.

18 Dec

At the Nine premiere, Lourdes Leon was all ten’s in this super edgy yet slightly romantic look. There’s no doubt about it, the girl is growing up and absolutely growing into a great personal style. Both Lourdes and Momma are rocking some Dolce & Gabbana, of course since Madonna is their new face, but let’s be honest Lourdes was giving the Queen of Pop a run for her D&G money. Lourdes packed on the chains for a perfect counterpart to the lace-and-fringe combo which would apparently be too saccharine sweet for her taste. She paired the look with her Marc by Marc Jacobs studded clutch, motorcycle gloves, and a big pair of Doc Marten boots. I mean, seriously, could this girl do a better job of translating trends into her own style?! I think not. At any other premiere a leather jacket, chains, fishnets and gloves could seem too off and costume-y but I think the Nine premiere was the perfect venue to show off this look. Way to grow into your own, Lourdes. A+.

P.S. She’s rocking some nice kelly green nails there, think she liked my green goddess post?!



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