XOXO, Leighton

17 Dec

By now most of us are aware at the amazing fashion sense of Blair Waldorf on GG, but for me the real standout has been Leighton Meester herself. Her style is much more edgy, and while we can all appreciate a headband and a cardigan every once in awhile, Leighton is really rocking every premiere she goes to and making a fashion-name for herself outside of her Birkin-toting character.

Oh, and did I mention? Leighton likes bows…

This first dress is heavenly to me, Yves Saint Laurent can do no wrong and this dress is no exception. What you can’t see is the front has a sexy zipper that runs from top of the v-neck to the bottom, but is balanced out sweetly by the three peek-a-boo bows on the back. The color is demure and so it tones down the zippers and holes that could otherwise become too flashy. She pairs the YSL dress beautifully with upswept hair and natural makeup. A+ Leighton.

This Prabal Gurung dress, took me a while to decide whether I liked or loved it. I think fashion is wonderful when it makes you think and really evokes an emotion. At first, I felt love at first sight, and then I saw the design on the left hip and felt a little let down, and then saw the Roger Vivier shoes and felt disgust… now, after leaving it for some time and returning I feel the same initial love for it but with a greater appreciation. Overall, I still don’t like the shoes, but the construction, coloration and silhouette just knock me out of this fashion world. I officially want all my dresses to have a massive flower bow… ok maybe not, but I do however want a Prabal Gurung dress all to my self. Grade: A for the dress, not so much for the shoes.



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