Green Goddess.

17 Dec

Chanel’s Jade nail polish is absolutely the “it” color of the season. Since shades of green were seen ALL over the runways for Fall at Valentino, Vena Cava, and of course, Chanel, specifically this light mint green is definitely the new hot color that every one is trying to get their hands on. But at $25, Chanel’s Jade is a little pricey for a polish, and worst of all: it’s sold out everywhere!!!

But have no fear readers, I have put together a list of duplicates that you can test yourselves!

First of all, my favorite dupe: Essie’s Mint Candy Apple, which is only $8! Technically you can buy it cheaper from ebay and amazon but then you have to worry about shipping ($$) which can be a hassle and I found it today at my local Bed, Bath & Beyond! This polish is lighter and sweeter than Jade and will not resemble fungus in any way. Yes, that was a concern of mine when I heard green was the new nail color. Yes, I’m a nerd…. Luckily, this is a very flattering shade of green and really looks great on most skin tones!

The SO limited edition blink-and-you-miss-it MAC Peppermint Patti color is the one that most resembles the Chanel Jade in my opinion. Chanel’s Jade has little shimmery sparkles within the polish that Peppermint Patti does not have which many people might actually prefer. I love buying matte because if you choose, the matte will always be there, but you also have the option of buying a drugstore sheer shimmer to add to it, so you end up getting two choices without buying two polishes! Originally it was $25 but now that it also is not available, the price is more like $35 on ebay. BUT, MAC has their gone-but-not-forgotten hotline which you can try to order from/ remind them that it is in demand and they should bring it back!

OPI has many green shades out there but the ones most similar to Jade are Get in Lime (left) and Go on Green! As you can see, Get in Lime is much more lime-y (duh) than Jade and Go on Green has a similar shade to green but goes on darker than Essie’s Mint Candy Apple. I love that at OPI’s website you can “try on” the color by selecting your nail length and skin tone and it has most of their collections available to see. OPI’s prices really depend on where you are buying them but they normally sell between $8-12.

There are so many green nail shades out there from drugstore brands like Orly Mint Mojito ($7), to Lippman ($16) to obviously Chanel. It really depends on which shade is your favorite and what you’re willing to spend!

I want to point out that just because green nails are “in” does not mean you should run out and buy a green nail polish. Really think about whether it fits with your personal style, whether you actually like it, and if you could see yourself wearing it more than once. See my previous post on trends vs. trendy to see my opinion on fleeting trends.


One Response to “Green Goddess.”

  1. Michelle February 13, 2011 at 10:18 am #

    240 Sold Out For Ever by Catrice is the best dupe ever. It has very little glitter in it, which you can’t really see if there’s no sunshine. It’s just the perfect color =) I’m loving it! And the best of all – it’s damn cheap! I’m wearing two coats – perfect!

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