Sweatpants: Hot or Not?

15 Dec

So going back to my Hot or Not series, the new topic of sweatpants arise. I mean, I’m not even sure why this is being brought up, but since the casual greys were all over Spring runways, I guess I must… le sigh.

Via The Cut, we see that the slouchy trend has taken on a whole new meaning with actual sweat pants being shown. Designers such as (from L to R) Yigal Azrouël, Alexander Wang, and rag & bone displayed the comfortable capris all over their Spring 2010 runways. While I believe the shape that they showed is much more attractive than the ones we see in our older brother’s closet, but they still have such a look of sloppiness, in my honest opinion. If any had to be chosen, I guess the Alexander Wang ones would win due to their chic shape as well as being paired with a beautifully constructed top, and the fabulous long braid look that is causing women everywhere to grow their hair out (myself included) or get extensions. The shape is more flattering the high waisted almost harem-esque look that Yigal Azrouël showed and the light grey seems more translatable to outdoor-wear than the bunched-up deeper grey from rag & bone.

If you do decide to embrace this trend, please remember to choose a flattering style, in a translatable color such as greys or black, and absolutely no questions asked pair it with high heels. As you can see from the above pictures, adding an embellished top or a structured blazer can add a sophistication to the otherwise Sunday-morning bed attire. I, for one, will be skipping this trend due to the fact that I believe house-wear should stay in the house. Maybe it was because I went to a college where wearing sweatpants to class seemed like the ultimate sin, but leggings are as far as I’ll go to wearing sleep attire outdoors. And please, please do not bring the velour tracksuit trend back. That was horrible enough while it lasted. These at least have a demure attitude, not a neon pink towel fabric with writing across the behind.

Vote: Not.


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