Coach Coat to Covet.

15 Dec

This Coach piece is such an amazing covet coat. I say covet because at $789, I know it is not in anywhere near my recent college graduate clothes budget but if it’s near your price range I think it is an amazing investment piece. First of all the military buttons are right on trend this season but since the coat has such a classic style and a beautifully streamlined shape, the buttons will not detract from the coat as a transcendent piece. I love the femininity that the neckline creates and how that balances out the masculine buttons. The navy is also a great way to break up that seemingly easy black rut we all get into during winter and is less harsh on paler complexions. I think a navy coat with some brown leather boots is a great combination that can replace the black coat, black boots uniform. While this exact coat is pricey, there are many other store options out there such as J.Crew who has well-constructed pea coats around $200 (I received one for Christmas last year and love it as a chic throw-on to any winter outfit). Or you can find any navy coat at any discounted store and have a DIY sewing party (or seamstress) attach buttons like these from your local craft store! Removing and replacing buttons isn’t too hard of a project and will revitalize any old or cheap jacket… seems like a great alternative for a fashionista on a budget.

What do you think? Do you have any covet coats you’re wishing for?



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