The Art of… the Photo

13 Dec

The art of taking a good photograph is something everyone should be attempting and coveting. Since I was in a sorority all throughout college we were taking 1000 pictures at each event and there were always 20 cameras on you while you were doing the “sorority squat.” And let me tell you the “sorority squat” is NOT a flattering pose for a photo. Maybe it was Tyra’s infamous mention of the Smyze (smile with your eyes) or seeing just too many pictures of me with my eyes closed and/or looking pained. But I started paying closer attention to what I was doing when getting photographed. Ps. I blame facebook for all this. Remember when your friend could just take a photo and you’d never see it again (for better or for worse) but now your photos are plastered all over the internet whether you like it or not. So I find this important!

Here are some tips….

InStyle Magazine says:

1. Relax your muscles from head to toe. When you are tense, your shoulders go up, which is not flattering.

2. Turn on an angle. Whether you are standing or sitting, never have your knees directly facing the camera.

3. Choose your smile. I’ve used thousands of different smiles over my career, but two classics every woman should know are Marilyn Monroe’s big laugh (left) and Anita Ekberg’s subtle grin (right).

InStyle’s body-language expert shares a trick to losing that extra 10 lbs the camera adds, “Twist your torso, turning one should toward the camera and the other away from it… It makes you look very slender.”

But let’s be honest, Cameron is a pin regardless of her pose and always looks fabulous.

Another trick I’ve learned along the way is hide your drink in pictures. We literally called it the Red Cup Patrol in college. It never looks cute to see your empty drink sloshing all over the place and it’s not a picture you want splashed all over the internet–especially when applying for jobs. Let a good friend hold it, or hide it behind the friend who your posing with’s back (don’t set it down!).

Switch up your poses in pictures! When I look back in pictures I swear I’m doing the one-hand on hip pose in EVERY picture. Oops! So now I have learned what other poses look good and what I can and want to pull off and what I can’t. The one leg cross is cute on Emma Watson, but a little odd for just an everyday photo.  Although if I was wearing that fer-osh dress like she did at London Fashion Week I’d rock any pose I wanted.

The over-the-shoulder and the kiss-blow both are a little Hollywood for me. Claudia Schiffer and AnnaLynne McCord rock it on the red carpets but stick to simple, classic poses like tiltng your body 3/4 to the camera like Cameron did above and the one-hand on hip pose. But you can also make sure your face is most flattered by tricks like sticking your face out a little more than what is comfortable and tilting it ever-so-slightly down and to the side. By stretching your neck you lose any slight double-chin which could appear and it makes you look thinner, tilting your head to the side creates lines and shadowing which is more flattering than a straight face-forward photo. And try not to lift your head up too high because as Tyra said no one wants to look up your nostrils! That is not cute.

Lastly, here is a little tip I learned somewhere along my years. In my opinion, everyone loves the Olsen twins. I find them fascinating and true fashion influencers, and even though every once in a while I cringe when I see one of them in literally what looks like a potato sack and a top hat, overall they really jump-started the boho look, made Starbucks’ cups a fashion accessory and have the perfect pout. The secret to their perfect pout? …. Saying the word “prune.” Yes, this sounds weird, but try it. (I’ll admit it, I have! In my mirror alone, and was interrupted by my older brother who now thinks I’m crazy.) But the point is, it works and if you want the sultry pout that is so-perfected by the Olsens just say prune and snap away.

How gorgeous are they?! One more just because I love them.

Ok, so there are some tips for perfecting a photo… What are your secret tricks?!



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