A Little Eye Candy…

13 Dec

There are many men in Hollywood right now* whose style I enjoy and dream that one day my significant other will embrace as well. Men such as George Clooney who always looks polished but relaxed in his open collared shirt-suit combo, Tom Brady with his boyish good looks who can rock the field and the red carpet, and of course who could forget 007. Daniel Craig and all former secret agents are as well known for their martini shaken not stirred, as they are for their suit.

GQ advises, “If you want to be taken seriously, pay as much attention to your hair as your suit. You’re going to be judged from head to toe.” I also, LOVE the advice of “Underdressing is the only sin. You should never be afraid to be the best-dressed man in the room.” Guys so often think they need to look aloof in order to be “cool”… no, boy who hasn’t brushed his hair in weeks, that is not true! A suit paired with confidence adds a sex appeal that is undeniable. Um, Don Draper anyone? Yes, please.

What made me think of this post is, first of all I do have some male readers, but also I saw the absolutely adorable Chace Crawford’s new spread in WWD and thought WOW, he is much more than just Nate Archibald now. I never really thought he was the cute one of the show, maybe it was the fact that his bangs were longer than mine or he looked like he manscaped more than any guy I’d ever seen. But he is definitely growing up and setting a name for himself outside of our beloved GG.

He is becoming perfectly polished and looking almost old Hollywood with that slicked back hair. A white suit looks fabulous and if you feel comfortable pulling it off (and aren’t too clumsy with drinks!) it would be the perfect NYE choice. In my experience, a bow tie is a little harder to pull off for a man. I love that they paired it with a leather jacket to give it a tougher look, but be more careful with that choice. A skinny tie on the other hand is definitely back in style and great on anyone.

Hint: leave this page up while your boyfriend is over and maybe he’ll get the hint to buy a new suit and take you out in it!

What do you think about my eye candy choices? Who are your favorites?!

* I emphasize right now because I could go on and on about the style of men such as Hubert Givenchy, Cary Grant and Marcello Mastroianni for a whole other page and a half. So this post is dedicated to men who are still walking the red carpets. This also does not include fabulous men such as Tom Ford who have absolutely perfected the suit.



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