Seeing Double.

11 Dec

So as most of us know, the new Sex and the City 2 (is that really the name? let’s get a little more creative people!) poster is out and I’m left a little….. um…. bored? The dress is so generic, drapes awkwardly on her chest, the way it’s almost tucked in between her legs makes me wish they added a slip, her hand looks like a claw on that clutch and her sunglasses looks like it’s reflecting Miami not our beloved NYC. It just seems very generic, very bland, and like she’s walking in Heaven?

But back to the double. I saw this Mickey Rourke poster for Iron Man 2 and I felt quite a similar vibe from the two. Maybe it’s just the number two and the bright light in the background. But if I didn’t know better I’d think these could be from the same movie where SJP is the heroine fighting fashion crime and Mickey Rourke is the villain coming to steal your Manolo’s.

Just imagine those news clippings in the back were Carrie’s columns, and bam, you’re set: fashion thriller.

Ok maybe not.

I’m hoping the next poster release is better (and includes Samantha!) but let’s be honest, no poorly-made poster would EVER deter me from rushing to the movie theaters on opening day. I think I saw the first one three times in the theater!

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