8 Dec

Former assistant to Patrick Demarchelier, muse and creative director of Tuleh, and now, fashion consultant and columnist for (via Teen Vogue) is letting us all in on her secrets to finding your personal style. As a 22 year old, I’m loving this as a way to experiment with my own personal style. She details the key pieces one must own in order to be in the realm of bohemian, high fashion, eclectic, and such. For me, my personal style really changes from day to day but still within the idea of “romantic.” I’m a big fan of curls in my hair, pink cheeks, and anything with ruffles and bows. I truly can’t really pull off the harder Rihanna-esque look in any way at all, so I steer clear of that (except for maybe Halloween- my favvvorite Holiday!). The book also includes 400 photos of pieces that have been seen and wanted in fashion.

I really enjoyed my purchase of the Teen Vogue Handbook (see earlier post) and this might just be on my Holiday List this year! And at only $13.59, it’s the price of giving up Starbucks for 3 days! Getting perspective from those who have successfully survived in the industry for years is priceless.. so what do you think? Will you put this on your wish-list this Holiday?


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