A Place of My Own.

8 Dec

I’m super excited to be moving to New York City in the next couple weeks. After the grueling process of qualifying and signing the lease at my new place, which I swear was harder than getting into college! I am now very excited to start designing my new space. Thanks to a tip off of the amazing website {this is glamorous} I have become inspired by lots of pieces for my new place.

Since I just graduated from college this May, I’ve never really lived in a space I could start from scratch and work to my own liking until now. My school provided apartments for upperclassmen which included couches, beds, desks, tables, pretty much all the basics. And while I was able to put my touch to the rest, it still seemed too generic and pre-made for my liking. Plus, when you’re in college, I was all about having a “fun” environment: bright pinks, deep purples, literally a psychodelic-pucci-esque bed spread. Aiyy…. So now that I’m an official adult, I’ve decided to make my space more appropriate and calming so I can de-stress after what I will assume will be long and grueling days. I’m leaning towards decorating with neutrals such as tans and beiges paired with deep chocolate and mahogany. Photos that I found on {this is glamorous} have helped me figure out what to look for when I go out shopping.

I love the scattered candles that accent perfectly to the color palette and add an even more warm and cozy vibe to the place. I love vanity stations and will absolutely be scouring antique shops for a small one like the above, in a deep chesnut to up the elegance of my room. For me, my bed is the most important piece of an apartment, and I could just slip under those covers right now and stay all day. So inviting and plush, and I could see myself cuddling up on cold, rainy days with a hot Chai latte, a good chick flick and pillows surrounding me.

Since I will be living with a boy I know the importance of making the common space not too feminine but also add a luxe vibe that I know is absent in any all-boys twenty-something apartment space. Maybe it’s the cold weather that’s creating my gravitation to these cozy, comfy, warm colors, but I think that deep colors add a sophistication to my basic New York City first-apartment environment that will help solidify the thought that I am a full-fledged grown-up now. Exciting!


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