Higher and Higher.

6 Dec

As a follow-up to my McQueen shoe post, I saw (via the Cut) more shoes that are defying gravity (and ankle strength!). These shoes from (L to R) Rodarte, Givenchy and Versace are proving that no height is too high for shoes any more. Shoes are going to be the new statement piece of our outfits. I am going to LIVE in heels in order to be prepared for this new trend because I am all about these and cannot wait until they are accessible to all. For once being 5’4″ might actually be an advantage, because adding ten inches to a prior 5’11” might just give Yao Ming a run for his money.

Get ready girls, this trend is going to be big. (and high!).


2 Responses to “Higher and Higher.”

  1. Regine December 17, 2009 at 1:19 pm #

    Being 4’11 and a half (I always have to add that half part) I would live in heels if I could! There’s nothing wrong with a little height, especially when it has to do with style! Thanks for this post, this short girl will be working those heels more often :) Haha :)

    • everydaytorunway December 17, 2009 at 7:54 pm #

      I appreciate any woman who can live in heels! I for one, try but I always end up in my sandals. Luckily, amazingly cute flats are everywhere now, but I will still continue to try to get more comfortable in heels like you! :)

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