Ravishing Rodarte.

3 Dec

I am all geared up for the Rodarte for Target release, which will include a pop-up sale in NYC, SF, and DC a week early from the store release, December 11-13th from 10am-8pm. I hear that only five items from the collection will be at these pop ups, but we’ll see, check out Target To Go to see addresses and such.

Since the look book and prices were just released (seen at the cut) I thought I’d plan my possible attack. Overall, it’s not exactly my personal style, but adding new fun pieces can always be great and can influence me in the future. I was worried with the Anna Sui for Target line that so many people would be wearing it I wouldn’t feel original enough. But truly, I barely see the pieces around and I feel the Rodarte line can be interpreted much more widely than some of the previous lines could.

The following pictures are pieces I’m interested in, although, I will say, the model (Jamie Bouchert- also seen at Marc Jacobs’ show s/s 09) kind of freaks me out, so watch out…

Leopard Dress: $49.99, Lace Tights: $12.99, Sequin Dress in gray leopard: $44.99, Lace Cardigan in black: $29.99, Bow belts: $12.99, Blue Dress: $39.99, Knee Highs: $9.99, Striped Tee: $16.99, Sequin Rib Cage Dress: $49.99

My main want is the sequin dress in gray leopard- ah-mazing! Also, the lace tights (cheap!), striped tee (hello, alexander wang-ish), and possibly a bow belt (bows are my weakness).

As a former themed-party-obsessed college student, I mean, who doesn’t love an opportunity to dress crazy, I feel like the leopard dress is a must-have, especially after seeing how cute it was on Dakota Fanning in Teen Vogue. Since the sequin rib cage dress has been one of the most publicized looks of the collection, I think that most people will grab that, so we’ll see. I can just see myself loving it for Halloween in fifteen years.

I will definitely be checking it out for myself, will you?!


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