Down the Rabbit Hole.

29 Nov

I cannot wait for the new Alice in Wonderland movie to come out. The photos that have already been released are such teases, and I cannot wait to see all the elaborate costuming that I know will be present throughout the entire two hours.

Besides my obvious excitement for Johnny Depp and the ever-classy Anne Hathaway, I cannot wait to see how much the movie’s ideas will continue to inspire designers and runways all over again. I absolutely loved Annie Leibovitz’s Vogue spread with the addition of some amazing designers such as John Galliano and Christian Lacroix. I especially admired this one with Tom Ford.

The fact that Bergdorf’s windows this season are also dedicated to Lewis Carroll’s work, shows that such an iconic story can be present forever and will continue to slip into fashion in the most random of places. Don’t forget Alice + Olivia’s past season of Alice + Olivia in Wonderland. So cute.

I was lucky enough to see the windows the night they were unveiled, (unfortunately, I left my camera uploading cord in SF), but for now internet pictures will have to do…. Swoon away…

All the windows were absolutely gorgeous but these were some of my favorites. The style of Wonderland will never go out of style and will continue to inspire and extend through every generation. I will be finding my own way to incorporate Wonderland into my own daily style: off-white gloves, knee-high stockings, fabulous pearls.

Are you looking forward to transcending back to Wonderland for tea with the Mad Hatter?

(Photos from glamorai, curiouser+curiouser, habitually chic)


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