The Alien-side of Fashion.

28 Nov

Ever since seeing Alexander McQueen’s amazing ten-inch shoe on the Paris runway:

This trend of other-worldliness has been slowly creeping up on us since seeing these at the S/S 2010 show.

Please notice other views of these shoes just to actually process what walking in something like this might entail.

I LOVE these shoes I think they’re genius and beautiful and while knowing the clumsiness that I epitomize I would wear these in a heartbeat. Alexander McQueen is amazing and all the variety of animal prints, textures, and sequins that were shown would make my life-wardrobe complete.

Of course, expanding my “jealousy” of her, Lady Gaga was one of the first to be able to wear many of the looks from Alexander McQueen’s line in her new “Bad Romance” video.

Pretty ah-mazing, if you ask me.

But, more are joining in on this new fashion futuristic trend such as Karl Lagerfeld in his fall 2009 namesake collection. His runway showed models with massive scooter helmets adorned in mink and pearls.

If you want to find a practical aspect of these helmets, they include a hookup for you iPod so you can listen to music while you’re on your scooter. So after months of deliberating whether Uncle Karl would actually start selling them or not, they are now available. While only at Colette in Paris, they are at a mesmerizing $1,805 to $6,837.

I, for one, would take the McQueen shoes in a heartbeat, and hold off a bit on the scooter helmet. Unless I had a beautiful pearl-sheen scooter to ride around the Arc de Triomphe, and Karl in his matching scooter next to me… then I’d be on board with these mink helmets! What do you think? Are you feeling the futuristic feel?

Note: Life-wardrobe are those pieces that I wish to own before I croak. Items such as a boucle Coco Chanel suit to wear when I am 70 and having tea with my other fabulous grandmothers. Or a beautiful crocodile Birkin bag… etc.
(Photos from HuffingtonPost, grazia, the cut).

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