The New Guide of Life.

22 Nov

So in preparation for a few things I have going on in my life, I decided to re-read my Teen Vogue Handbook, which I believe any girl looking to get into the fashion world should own.

This “Insider’s Guide to Careers in Fashion” discusses (almost) everything involved in the production of fashion. Interviews with designers, magazine employees, stylists, photographers, make up artists and even interns are included. From the highest of names such as Karl Lagerfeld to the 22 year old girl from Iowa hoping to catch her break by getting coffee for Patrick Demarchelier each day. I LOVE this book. And for $24, not only do you get 288 pages of advice and stories, but you also get one free year of Teen Vogue! Which if you’re iffy about, you can get an $8 refund, but let’s be honest, that’s 2 less starbucks for the entire year, and instead you get another fun read for each month. And while Teen Vogue isn’t the magazine that tops my list of best days when it comes in the mail (a la Cosmo), it is fun to see the fashion layouts drenched in neon and bows, two of my favorite things.

Inside this handbook there are guides to what any designer/stylist/photographer should always carry, like double-stick tape, colored markers, etc as well as advice to how to build a portfolio, dress for an interview, and clues to what might be asked during those anxiety-ridden intern interviews. It’s pretty much a must have in my opinion!

Teen Vogue Handbook

I found the main message of the book to be: working in fashion is overworked, underappreciated, and underpaid but if you love it go for it. Start from the bottom, bring the coffee, and if you work hard, are responsible and upbeat, you might just get a job… copying papers. Hah just kidding. But really, it’s a hard career to work your way up, but it’s all about impressing those higher than you and networking. Almost everyone in the Handbook got their position due to a recommendation from someone they impressed when working the ground-floor positions. Going to fashion school seems to be the best idea, and learning about all aspects from design to styling to photography in order to make the best decisions.

I’m a fan.


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