Sunday Style…

15 Nov

On these lazy California Sundays, my last of a few, all I want to do is hang out with friends and family, watch my Saints win another game (hopefully!), and wear comfy clothes. This is where flannel comes into play. We all know that big flannel pajama pants are prime when you’re home alone during the winter, but is it now acceptable outwear?

Plaid was huge in Fall 2008 but it has now become a Fall/Winter constant. I didn’t embrace this trend until this past week, when I came across a cute plaid version at Target. I find that red and black versions of plaid resemble a lumberjack far too much and I can’t handle it. This top (below) is only $15, so I don’t feel bad wearing it only a few times. It has a relaxed feel since it’s called the “boyfriend fit” but it also nips in at the waist so you can still see shape. Now, my boyfriend would have to be pretty tiny and like to rock purple in order for anyone to believe I borrowed it from him; But I think the color combo (definitely sans the orange tank underneath- not cute!) is great and it’s so soft and I definitely think this will be a guilty pleasure piece for me this Fall.


Who else is wearing plaid?

Lauren flannel

Lauren seems to look chic no matter what she’s wearing, but here she pairs a color coordinated blue shirt with a great white purse to dress up the look. Accessories are a way to dress up the casual flannel look, so try big sunglasses, cute stud earrings or a big purse!


Sienna Miller went bold with a yellow jacket. She dressed up the jacket with a frilly white blouse which balanced out the structure of the jacket.

By belting the top with a wide version and adding heels you can bring this trend back into 2009. Just don’t pair the plaid top with this season’s trend of motorcycle boots because you might be teetering on actual lumberjack. If a whole top or jacket is too much for you try adding a plaid scarf or plaid tights to your wardrobe. It’s a fun play on the patterned tights trend that arising, and adds some depth to your outfit.

What do you think? Will you be wearing plaid this season?

(Photos from, whenyouarebored.wordpress, coutureinthecity)


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