The Art of… Red Lips.

13 Nov

Red lips are the hottest make up trend this fall and I am all about them!  All shades of red were seen on the runway this year from Proenza Schouler to Yves Saint Laurent (below).


Now all movie stars from the young, Ashley Tisdale, to the older, Gwyneth Paltrow are rocking this look. When you think about it, Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera never let this trend leave their personal style, but for the masses, it’s back and bigger than ever.

Ashley Tisdale Red Lips

Darker Red Lips


Reds range from Ashley Tisdale’s orange-y red, to Kate, Ashley Olsen, and Gwyneth’s deep plum-y reds, to Beyonce’s fire engine red! As you can see, red lipstick works on all skin tones and can really dress up any outfit. I for one, love red lipstick when I’m feeling a little lazy. Put on a t-shirt, chain-link necklaces, jeans and instantly a red pout can make your simple outfit a stand out. Just remember the key rule of make-up: heavy lips, light eyes. (And vice-versa, heavy eyes, light lips!). Go easy on the eye make-up, all you really need is some concealer around the eyes, (i’ve started using mine as an eye shadow base too) and a few coats of super black mascara. Leave the eyeliner for another day.

Hint: apply some lip balm first, such as Carmex ($2, drugstore) it will dilute the color a bit, and will help prevent the flaky lip look that we all try to avoid! Or use the ever useful tip of using a dry toothbrush to exfoliate your lips prior to using the lipstick.

My favorite red lipstick right now is MAC’s Skew, and it’s only $14! If you’re a regular MAC wearer like I am, bring in six empty MAC cases and in return, get a free lipstick! I love their recycle project and fully take advantage of it.

What’s your favorite make-up trend?

(Photos from smokeye, Justjared, People Style Watch, and Redankhmagazine).


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