Trends vs. Trendy

12 Nov

One of the main things every girl interested in fashion needs to decipher is the difference between trends and being “trendy.”

For example, right now light green nail polish is the new “it” color, specifically Chanel’s version in Jade ($25,  currently sold out). Chanel Jade Nail Polish

Does this mean we should all run out  and buy this nail polish regardless of whether we like it or not. No. The most important thing about style is YOU. Take the trends and tweak them so they work for you and represent your personal style. Being trendy is following the pack blindly. And let’s be real, Rihanna is one of the only people that can pull of those Balenciaga gladiator knee highs! So don’t give in to every trend you read about because then you will be trendy.

As for trends, I am all about taking what is shown on the runways and figuring out how I can incorporate them into my (already-overflowing) closet. Buying all new pieces every season is unnecessary, and economically rough. So for me this seasons trends such as over the knee boots can be incorporated into my staple pieces that I believe every girl should have (post to come soon). For example, these (below) over the knee boots paired with black tights and a flowy floral dress can be mixed with this season’s other popular staple, the blazer, or the cropped motorcycle jacket!

Blowfish Wisker Boot(Blowfish Wisker Boot, $100).

What are your thoughts on being trendy vs. trends?


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